An open letter to Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Saqib Nisar.


I’m a human and the earth is my home.

My love, compassion and care is not limited to a single piece of land, neither do I take pride in something which I didn’t work for or which I didn’t achieve myself.
The same rule applies when it comes to my faith.
I’m neither proud to be a Pakistani nor I take any pride in being a Muslim. Both of these titles that I have are purely coincidental.
I neither chose them nor I achieved them.
It says in Quran that Allah divided us into diffent tribes and nations merely for the sake of recognition, not to kill or die for. There is no pride attached to any nationality.
All these borders and barbed-wires are self inflicted and self imposed, and I wish for a free, borderless and peaceful world. I wish for a world where everyone is treated equally. I wish for a world which holds equal opportunities for everyone. A world free from all sorts of discrimination.

That day would be the day of true freedom.

I’m a human and the earth is my home.

#14August #UniversalCitizen

Mastung Blast: Army’s Accountability.

The death toll at Mastung blast has crossed 200, but I have hardly seen any talk or post related to it over social and mainstream media. It shows the level of care and concern the rest of the country have towards Balochistan.
And like everytime, our so called “top class and world no#1” law enforcement agencies shamelessly failing to accept their failure and irresponsibility, by giving the usual bullshit statement, “RAW and beruni sazish crap”
For arguments sake let’s say the statement is true.
Then I ask, what the hell were you doing? Isn’t securing the country from extetnal and internal threats your only job? But you do everything except that one task you got. Every penny of our taxpayer’s money going to them is a waste. Atleast in the case of Balochistan.
There are talks of monetary accountability these days, let’s talk about more important and valueable accountability, “human accountability”.
And our law enforcement agencies should be held accountable for every life lost through such attacks. They should be questioned on that, and if failed to give a definitive answer, the responsible ones should be punished. And beruni sazish is not even close to a definitive answer.
So please do your job for once, that’s what we pay you for.

‘Marlboro Boys’: Photographing Underage Smoking in Indonesia

This is an Alarming Situation!!

Bloodshed Continues…

It hasn’t been many days since the release of leader of Lashker-e-Jhangavi (LeJ), a banned terrorist outfit in Pakistan, by Pakistan’s unjust judiciary. Hardly a fortnight. Yet, the reaction has already happened. Once again the innocents has been targeted. This time, the pilgrims has been attacked by grenade bombs and heavy firings at Hashmi Hotel, Taftan, a town near Iranian border. The pilgrims stay/rest at this hotel before departing for Iran or home. Once again the same people have been targeted by the same culprits.
And an event like this was expected. The silence and peace was partial. It is a treat from Pakistan’s unjust judiciary, who let culprits like Malick Ishaq go free, to the innocent citizens. This is what has been happening for decades.
Innocent people die, Govt/Judiciary lets the culprits go free. and eventually more innocent people die.

Pakistani Politician’s Passwords


Altaf Bhai = Namaloom/ChooranLelo

Rehman Malick =

Shabaz Sharif =

Maulana Faz-ul-Rehman =

Imran Khan =

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf = Rental

Shaikh Rasheed = Railway

Qaim Ali Shah =

Bilawal Bhutto =

Zardari =

Chaudry Shujaat Hussain = mumumumumu

To be continued…

Disclaimer: Just for the sake of fun. Nothing personal. 

Breaking Stereotypes

Breaking Stereotypes

I don’t plan to become a Doctor, Engineer or Lawyer not because I’m dumb. It’s my CHOICE.

Death of Justice and Humanity…


So, once again “Justice and Humanity” killed by Judiciary itself, in the, so called, Democratic state of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Once again the notorious Malick Ishaq, leader of banned terrorist outfit, Lashker-e-Jhangavi, the organization and ideology behind the killings of thousands of innocents Pakistanis, including infants and children, acquitted by our judiciary.

Lashker-e-Jhangavi openly kills through targeted killings and bomb blasts. After that, they accept or shall I say, proclaim their barbaric act over mainstream and social media, with pride and so sense of shame. Yet still our judiciary wasn’t able to find an Evidence.

Once again the middle eastern oil faggots and their oil money has succeeded in buying our Judiciary. And this isn’t it where it ends. The political wing of this outfit is allowed to participate in the elections. They current leading party allocates them seats and fixes seats with them. The provincial Law minister, Rana Sanaullah, leader of the current leading party (PMLN), greets and welcomes them with flowers upon their return from the jail. Thousands of unregistered/illegal Madrassas (Schools), under the banner of this organization, is freely teaching their ignorant/barbaric ideologies, spreading hatred and producing terrorists. Yet still our Judiciary couldn’t find an evidence.

Acts like such not only devastates me but also…
Crushes my pride of being a Pakistani. The dreamland of Iqbal and the struggle of Quaid.
Crushes my pride for the religion, I believe in. As, o
nce again they have violated all the Islamic Laws by letting this barbarian go free. Once again Islamic laws dominated and crushed by the so called Sharia (Law) of Taliban and their associates.
And above all it has crushed my faith for Humanity.  

This isn’t injustice to thousands innocents, including infants and children, killed by Lashker-e-Jhangavi.
This isn’t injustice to the mourning families.
This isn’t injustice to a particular sect/tribe.

This is INJUSTICE to Islamic Laws.
This is INJUSTICE to Ideology of Pakistan.

This is INJUSTICE and Defeat of our Constitution.
This is INJUSTICE to the Judiciary.
Above all, this is INJUSTICE to the Humanity.

NTS Leaked!!

National Testing Service (NTS) a well known and trusted organization in Pakistan for conduction of competitive exams. I myself trusted NTS, yes “Trusted” as in past. Because my trust for NTS ins’t there anymore, and there is a solid reason behind that. Some of you may know about EDCON Asia Schorlarship program in collaboration with the NTS. It was advertised a few months all over social media, that’s how I came to know about it and asked my sister to apply for it and give it a shot. As, I thought it was good opportunity for her to continue her studies in Islamabad. A better place than Quetta in terms of education.

This scholarship program promised to provide 2000 scholarships to students for class 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and intermediate (F.A/F.Sc) on merit basis. And NTS was doing the testing for this scholarship program. I didn’t know about EDCON Asia, it was the 1st time I had heard about it but I knew and trusted NTS. So, we provided all the information required to apply for this program, from phone number to home address, everything. In addition to a 800PKR fee. All these information were sent to NTS’s office in Islamabad. Anyways, tests were conducted by NTS on April 27th and the results were submitted on their website on 9th May, I guess. Everything was fine until this time.
But after 10 days, i.e on May 19th, we received a letter congratulating her (my sister) that she has been selected for this program and that she has to report at Chanab International Group of Colleges, Raja Akhtar Road, Shah Pur, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad for confirming her participation.

By reading the letter some of the things made me suspicious so I started checking around. I looked for Chanab College in the mentioned area but didn’t find anything. I called the number provided in the above letter but line was busy. Even after trying multiple times. I also called NTS’s office in Islamabad but it wasn’t helpful either. Finally I called EDCON Asia’s office to ask about credibility of this scholarship program.
The phone operator told me that the scholarship isn’t fake, it’s real and that the merit list will be uploaded on EDCON Asia’s website tomorrow i.e May 20th. But the confirmation letters are all fraud.
I’m still suspicious about this program, and I didn’t expected something like this form NTS. If the letters are fake how did the senders of this fraud letters got all the information about the applicants. From phone number, roll numbers to home address. These information were provided to NTS and they should have kept it confidential and away from frauds. And this whole phenomenon of fake letters is reason behind my distrust towards NTS.

Sex, poop and periods.

The Meat & Potatoes of Life

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