I’m sure that everyone of you have heard lines like “It’s all Gods’ Plan, let everything to God” multiple times in your life. I have hard time to agree with that.

What happens of us in life or the problems or comforts that come our way has more to do with our own decisions rather than “The plan of God”.

It is us, who decide our fate, including life and death, not GOD. If everything that has happened in the past or what is happening in the present or what’s to happen in the future is upto God to decide then what is the purpose of our existence.

I don’t even believe that there is such as thing as “The Plan of God”, or I hope it is so. If God is responsible for all the mess and sufferings in this world then I have got nothing to do with a GOD like that, whose plan is to make its creatures suffer.

But it is not God who decides, its us who decide, to love or to kill.


New Year Resolution

So, another year is about to end. And a new chapter is about to start. To be honest I don’t give much importance to new year. It is merely an end and start of an imaginative cycle that we have created, aka The Calendar. There are many other such cycles, three that I use, the Islamic, the Persian and this one (Gregorian). So, it means three new years.
And there have been many such calendars in the past which doesn’t even exist anymore. Many calendars have faded away but life continue to move on.
Likewise, I do not give much importance to yearly resolutions. But instead I have daily resolutions. Which renews with every sunrise. And that is “To be a better person than I was the day before. To be more knowledgeable, mature, evolved, and experienced than the previous sunrise.” For me every sunrise is a new year, a new opportunity, another chance…



So, Maulana Tariq Jameel, have been invited at Punjab University today to conduct a sermon and due to which classes of all the departments between 10 a.m to 2 p.m. was cancelled.
I have got nothing against Tariq Jameel or religious sermons, but what I’m against is “imposition”. Today I had no say in deprivation of my classes whether I wanted to attend the sermon or not.

Secondly, another unfair aspect is the freedom, special treatment and protocol the religious, or in other words #TheRightWing, content gets while there is a complete restriction and crack down on the alternative perspective, or in other words #TheLeftWing.
Let me make it simpler with an example, had it been people like Taimur Rahman, Ammar Ali Jan or #AliWazir, getting this level of freedom and protocol is far off question, they wouldn’t have even been allowed to speak. Such privileges are only available for the likes of #OryaMaqboolJan or #TariqJameel.
There is no room for alternative views. This is what I’m against, complete freedom to one perspective while complete crack down on the other. This act, on itself is very Undemocratic and Un-Islamic.

Fanaticism vs The State of Pakistan

The so called “Only Atomic Muslim Power” in the world, Writ of the State, especially of the Armed Forces, Supremacy of the Law, the
Supreme court and the Parliament, Rights of the minorities, (the idea/basis upon which this land was established), Right of safety of general public, all knelt and burned into ashes before a handful of religious fanatics and bearded bigots. An entire nation dictated by a bunch of religious goons.

It’s one of many occasions where I feel ashamed to call myself a Pakistani.

#TLP #PTI #ISPR #AsiaBibi #SalmanTaseer #BlasphemyLaw

ہاں!! میں باغی ہوں

جب بھی اس ملک بے داد میں مذھبی انتہا پسندی کا بازار گرم ہوتا ہے، جب بھی جاہل اور وہشی ملے سڑکوں پہ نکل آتے، جب بھی عمل سے خالی مزھب کے ٹھیکدار، مذھب کو اپنی جاگیر سمجھ کہ اسے اپنے فتنہ پرور عزائم کیلئے استعمال کرتے ہیں تو ایسے موقعوں پہ حبیب جالب صاحب بہت زیادہ یاد آتے ہیں۔

مذہب کے جو بیو پاری ہیں

وہ سب سے بڑی بیماری ہیں

وہ جن کے سوا سب کافر ہیں

جو دین کا حرف آخر ہیں

ان جھوٹے اور مکّاروں سے

مذہب کے ٹھیکے داروں سے

میں باغی ہوں میں باغی ہوں

جو چاہے مجھ پہ ظلم کرو۔۔

Asia Bibi vs The State of Pakistan

I stand by the decision of The Supreme Court of Pakistan for aquitting #AsiaBibi from all the false and baseless accusations. Although it’s a delayed justice, and should have come long before. But I guess the rule “Justice delayed is a justice deniyed” doesn’t apply in The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

I don’t know on what grounds the goons of #TLP have closed down the major cities of Pakistan. I wonder if the TLP leaders have actually studied the case. I read a post somewhere which has defined the whole chaos beautifully!!

عجیب قوم ہے جو اس بات پہ دکھی ہے کہ سرکار دوعالم کی توہین ثابت نہیں ہوئی.

And a round of applause to our law enforcement agencies. They are to blame too. This happens when you treat vicious animals with “Cheques ” rather than locking them up.

I wounder if the state had been this patient if, for instance, #PTM had organized such violent protests.

It’s really sad that how the state cracks down peaceful protests for basic humanitarian rights but has let these vicious and violent creatures loose, protesting for a nonsense reason.

And I giggled when a TLP leader asked the military to coup against COAS Bajwa. It’s very dumb to let snakes out in the backyard and expect that it would only bite the neighbours.

I’m a human and the earth is my home.

My love, compassion and care is not limited to a single piece of land, neither do I take pride in something which I didn’t work for or which I didn’t achieve myself.
The same rule applies when it comes to my faith.
I’m neither proud to be a Pakistani nor I take any pride in being a Muslim. Both of these titles that I have are purely coincidental.
I neither chose them nor I achieved them.
It says in Quran that Allah divided us into diffent tribes and nations merely for the sake of recognition, not to kill or die for. There is no pride attached to any nationality.
All these borders and barbed-wires are self inflicted and self imposed, and I wish for a free, borderless and peaceful world. I wish for a world where everyone is treated equally. I wish for a world which holds equal opportunities for everyone. A world free from all sorts of discrimination.

That day would be the day of true freedom.

I’m a human and the earth is my home.

#14August #UniversalCitizen

Mastung Blast: Army’s Accountability.

The death toll at Mastung blast has crossed 200, but I have hardly seen any talk or post related to it over social and mainstream media. It shows the level of care and concern the rest of the country have towards Balochistan.
And like every time, our so called “top class and world no#1” law enforcement agencies shamelessly failing to accept their failure and irresponsibility, by giving the usual bullshit statement, “RAW and beruni sazish crap”
For arguments sake let’s say the statement is true.
Then I ask, what the hell were you doing? Isn’t securing the country from external and internal threats your only job? But you do everything except that one task you got. Every penny of our taxpayer’s money going to them is a waste. At least in the case of Balochistan.
There are talks of monetary accountability these days, let’s talk about more important and valuable accountability, “human accountability”.
And our law enforcement agencies should be held accountable for every life lost through such attacks. They should be questioned on that, and if failed to give a definitive answer, the responsible ones should be punished. And beruni sazish is not even close to a definitive answer.
So please do your job for once, that’s what we pay you for.

Bloodshed Continues…

It hasn’t been many days since the release of leader of Lashker-e-Jhangavi (LeJ), a banned terrorist outfit in Pakistan, by Pakistan’s unjust judiciary. Hardly a fortnight. Yet, the reaction has already happened. Once again the innocents has been targeted. This time, the pilgrims has been attacked by grenade bombs and heavy firings at Hashmi Hotel, Taftan, a town near Iranian border. The pilgrims stay/rest at this hotel before departing for Iran or home. Once again the same people have been targeted by the same culprits.
And an event like this was expected. The silence and peace was partial. It is a treat from Pakistan’s unjust judiciary, who let culprits like Malick Ishaq go free, to the innocent citizens. This is what has been happening for decades.
Innocent people die, Govt/Judiciary lets the culprits go free. and eventually more innocent people die.